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Torteria & Taqueria

Authentic Mexican Food 

About Us 

In business since 2010, operating in Union City from a food cart we like to call our carrito, Carmen and Jesus sell their breakfast tortas and atoles.

In 2016 Victoria, first generation of Mexican immigrant parents, founded the concept of Torta Truck and revamped their carrito image. They began participating in street fairs, food festivals, and expanded their menu to include the now viral birria tacos and tortas. From 2016-2018, they operated as a tent vendor, no actual truck in the Torta Truck part yet. On May 25th, 2018, they opened the window to their food truck for the first time ever to the crowd of Monmouth County’s racetrack park. They later settled their food truck roots in Jersey City circa 2020, where they now also have their first store front located on 413 Central Avenue. The storefront on Central Avenue proudly carries the concept of a Mexican Torteria & Taqueria - small menu focusing on just that, tortas and tacos! You won’t find rice and beans, burritos, or an extensive heavy Mexican menu here (unless you cater from us). 


Hire our food trucks for private events!
Milanesa de Pollo Tortas

Inspired by recipes straight from home, Atlixco, Puebla - from the corn nixtamal tortillas, bolillo rolls, pickled jalapeños, refried beans, and more is made in house and daily -  to offer you the best and freshest around!


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